Extracted tooth

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The goal of dentistry is always to save natural teeth whenever possible. That said, there are times when a tooth cannot be saved and it must be extracted in order to restore your oral health. Tooth extractions are needed in cases of severe periodontal disease or decay, infection, or when attempts at restoration have failed. You may also need to have extractions when your wisdom teeth erupt or to make room for orthodontic treatment.

When you choose a board-certified periodontist like Dr. Quinta to perform your tooth extraction, you can feel confident that you’re getting comprehensive care. When needed, Dr. Quinta will place bone grafting material into the socket immediately after extraction to enhance long term results, reduce the risk of periodontal pocketing, and prevent the loss of jawbone. If you plan on replacing your tooth with a dental implant, Dr. Quinta can advise you of the right timing and best type of restoration for your needs. 

What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

The first step of a tooth extraction is numbing your tooth and the area surrounding it to ensure your comfort. A dental instrument called an elevator loosens your tooth, then it is gently removed with forceps. If needed, bone grafting and membrane will be placed at this time. You may or may not need stitches after your extraction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Extractions

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