Bone Regeneration

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Your jawbone plays an important role in your dental health. Without adequate support from the jaw, your teeth will begin to loosen and shift in your mouth. This causes difficulty biting and chewing; eventually, tooth loss may occur. One of the ways periodontists maintain and repair bone mass in the jaw is with a procedure called bone regeneration.

Bone regeneration is used to regenerate lost bone around teeth or in areas where your teeth have been lost or extracted. In cases of periodontal disease, bone regeneration is often performed to protect teeth and the tissues that support them from plaque and bacteria. This bacteria causes infection and further damage to the bone and tooth structures.

What Happens During a Bone Regeneration Procedure

Bone regeneration begins by numbing the area to ensure your comfort. Next, Dr. Quinta will fold back the gum tissue and remove all of the infection-causing bacteria. By treating the infection first, bone regeneration is more likely to be successful.

With the areas of infection removed, Dr. Quinta then places membranes, bone grafts, or tissue-stimulating proteins in the jaw to increase your body’s natural ability to regenerate bone. As your body rebuilds the bone, you’ll have a stronger bite and more stable teeth.

We complete bone regeneration with concurrent dental implant placement or as part of complex, multi-stage bone grafting treatment plans that may include 3D CT scan designed and milled bone blocks, bone rings, and guided bone regeneration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bone Regeneration

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