Gingival (Gum) Grafting

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Gum grafting is often recommended when gingival recession has exposed the roots of the teeth. This procedure controls further gum recession, preventing damage to adjacent teeth and bone structure. In addition to their oral health benefits, most patients find that soft tissue grafts improve the appearance of their smile and sensitivity to hot and cold.

During gum grafting surgery, Dr. Quinta uses a tissue graft to cover over the areas of root exposure. A tissue flap may be created, allowing the added tissue to be joined to the existing gingival tissue to facilitate tissue growth and healing. A gum grafting procedure can be for a single tooth or several adjacent teeth. We use minimally-invasive microsurgical techniques to enhance your final results and minimize pain and complications.

Reasons for Gum Grafting Surgery


Some patients have no sensitivity or oral health symptoms from their gum recession, but they want to improve the appearance of their smile. Other times, patients simply have an uneven gumline that makes their teeth appear disproportionate. In these cases, soft tissue grafts can be used for cosmetic purposes.


One of the most common reasons for gum grafting is when gingival recession causes painful sensitivity to hot and cold. A soft tissue graft will cover over the exposed root to alleviate sensitivity.


When gum recession is the result of periodontal disease, there are important oral health and medical reasons for gum grafting. Receded gums don’t only affect the aesthetics of the smile and cause sensitivity—they also impact your overall oral health and wellness. Exposed roots are vulnerable to decay and teeth that have experienced severe gum recession are unstable and at a higher risk of becoming loose and falling out. By covering and protecting the tooth roots, gum grafting supports the health of your teeth and bone structures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gum Grafting

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