How Often Should I Have My Teeth Cleaned After Pocket Reduction Surgery?

How Often Should I Have My Teeth Cleaned After Pocket Reduction Surgery?

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Periodontal disease can lead to bacteria underneath the gum line that causes damage to the roots and bone. Depending on how far along the disease has progressed, successfully undergoing pocket reduction surgery may be enough to cure the periodontal disease altogether. 

The care you provide your teeth after the surgery will play a large role in your future oral health.

What is Pocket Reduction Surgery?

Pocket reduction surgery - more formally known as osseous surgery - isn’t as alarming as it may seem. This minimally-invasive procedure is performed in the dental office using local anesthesia to allow for the experience to be as comfortable as possible. 

During the surgery, a small incision is made in the gum tissue allowing the dentist to fold it back and have access to the root and bone. The infection is removed and the bone is smoothed to reduce the chance of further pocketing. 

The gum tissue is stitched to minimize additional infection. 

Teeth Cleanings After Pocket Reduction Surgery

Teeth cleanings after pocket reduction surgery should take place every 3 months. Periodontal disease is unpredictable. And even by giving yourself a clean slate with the surgery, it can come back if you do not maintain your oral health. By visiting the dentist four times each calendar year, you will be able to keep plaque at bay while reducing the risk of gum disease. 

In addition to teeth cleanings, it is recommended that you see your dentist for an oral examination as part of your regular periodontal maintenance. This gives you the greatest chance of keeping things under control - and avoiding the progression of the disease. 

Pocket Reduction Surgery at Life Dental Specialties

At Life Dental Specialties, we want to help you make the best choices regarding your oral health. If you have periodontal disease, undergoing pocket reduction surgery may be the best option for you. Just be sure to follow through with routine cleanings every 3 months for the most successful results!

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