What Is LANAP and What Are The Benefits?

What Is LANAP and What Are The Benefits?

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LANAP stands for laser assisted new attachment procedure. It is used to treat periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease. The use of lasers in dentistry is not new, but this procedure is an innovative technique used by periodontists to treat gum disease and reduce the chances of recurring disease. LANAP removes infected and damaged tissue, helps the gum tissue reattach to the roots of the teeth, and encourages regeneration of the bone and gum tissue. 

Benefits of LANAP

LANAP offers a variety of benefits: 

  • Non-invasive. The Periolase MVP- 7 laser can treat a wide variety of dental conditions without having to cut and suture the gum tissue. Patients recover more quickly after LANAP than traditional periodontal treatments. 
  • Decreases Postoperative Complications. Less pain, gum recession and root sensitivity. 
  • Treats gum disease at the source. The high tech laser used in LANAP targets diseased tissue and bacteria, killing it on site and preventing it from festering and spreading. 
  • Prevents recurring gum disease. By helping gum and bone tissue regenerate, LANAP can prevent reinfection after treatment. 
  • Faster recovery. Recovery is reduced to a fraction of the time that is typically expected after traditional periodontal surgery. 

          Are You a Good Candidate for LANAP?

          If you have gum disease or if it keeps returning again and again after treatment, you may be a good candidate for LANAP. You may also benefit from this procedure if the idea of dental surgery makes you anxious, because LANAP requires no cutting and no sutures. After a consultation and evaluation we can determine whether or not this treatment option would be effective for you. 

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Is LANAP safe?

          The LANAP procedure is FDA approved to treat gum disease. It seeks out  diseased tissue and destroys the bacteria that causes the disease. It won’t harm healthy tissues of any kind. Bleeding and discomfort are minimized for a faster recovery. 

          Is LANAP right for everyone?

          Many patients who need treatment for gum disease can benefit from LANAP. However, some cases may be too advanced for this therapy to be effective. A brief evaluation will allow us to determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate for LANAP. 

          Does dental insurance cover LANAP?

          If your dental insurance plan has coverage for periodontal treatment, LANAP may qualify. The only way to know for sure what your plan covers is to contact your insurance provider. 

          Why Choose Life Dental Specialties?

          Life Dental Specialties is a periodontal practice that specializes in the treatment of gum disease and the residual effects. You may be referred to us by your General Dentist if you have struggled with periodontal issues of any kind that require specialized treatment. Dr. Quinta is a highly qualified, board certified periodontist with more than a decade of experience. We keep up to date with current technology and best practices to enhance the patient experience. 

          Life Dental Specialties provides LANAP in Springfield and Hadley, Massachusetts. Call 413-739-5685 today to schedule an appointment at our Springfield location, 413-586-3157 for our Hadley office, or request an appointment.